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Excellence in developing a horse occurs in the context of a top-notch team. Riders, trainers, vets, farriers, body work and facilites. Here we are.



You know who you are

This sport is a lifestyle and for some a life purpose. Horse life brings people together to learn, collaborate, share, envision, compete, practice, go beyond boundaries, celebrate and restore together is a life worth living.  There are not enough words to thank all those that currently or in the past-or future- are contributing. You are the giants whose shoulders I stand on.  Namely, Cathy Inch, Rick Smith, Jean-Pierre Briand, Shelley Hood, Michael Grinyer, Mary Frances Gaglio, Molly Ashe-Cawley, the Gayfords, Bruno Rocuet, Harold Chopping, Fred Michelon, Marjorie Covarel  Johannes Farce, Anne Auty, Krystal Johnstone, Kristen Hillier, Gilbert Doerr, Luke Proulx, Gordon Skinner, Olin, Malik and many, many more. Thank you.

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Successfully competed many horses to CSI *** level in France, and Canada and US 'A' circuit. Trained under several excellent mentors, Mike Grinyer, Bruno Rocuet, Harold Chopping, Molly Ashe, Margie Gayford, Mark Hayes. Trained and competed many young and sale horses in in Canada and France, as well as managed show stables, starting as groom working student. Earned Mention of Distinction in Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at University of Guelph and developed equine facility design practice, Sarkis Equine since 1998. Designed and oversaw construction of equestrian facilities in France and Canada, including Thornbury Horse Park , and water complexes  3-day eventing for 2015 PanAm  games.

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Horse Ownership Partner

Trainer and dealer of an uncountable number of horses competing throughout the world, Bruno is gifted in finding and developing top quality young horses with his team at Ecuries Bruno Rocuet, in France. The horses he produces can be found in competing up to the five star level in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia. Under his mentorship, he has also developed many riders to be  accomplished professionals, representing their countries.

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High Performance Coach

A passionate and professional hunter / jumper trainer, coach and clinician, Margie generously shares her talent and life-long expertise with each horse or student she encounters.

An NCCP certified Level 3 (high performance) coach,

Margie thrives on teaching green to Grand Prix level

riders and developing young and experienced horses.

Daughter of gold medal Olympian Tom Gayford, and

carries her father’s competitive spirit in her friendly,

personable way.

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High Performance Coach

A veteran horseman, Mark has been buying and selling horses for over 35 years, and trains riders up to the highest levels of the sport, including World Championships. His quiet demeanor, and extensive experience delivers the knowledge of training horses for all levels of competition.



Veterinary Services

Essential and devoted technical staff and the anchoring farm staff, provide exceptional care to horses, and are an integral part of the life of a competition horse. 



Chiropractic, acupuncture and homeopathic medecine

Tibby's excellent intuition, natural approach and many years of experience as an equine vet, make her an essential part of the wholistic approach to developing horses. With her husband Robert Hallick, also an equine chiropractor, they are brilliant listeners, and with a deep knowledge and extensive practice of equine homeopathy, chiropractic medicine and acupuncture. Her advice completes the spectrum of top-notch horse care for our athletes.



Good show horse training requires a good facility. A place is made of its people. At Breadalbane Farm, Mindy and Peter Egger foster an atmosphere of professionalism and friendship. Their excellent team is deeply invested in the care of each horse, and this quiet, quality facility allows horses to rest and enjoy life. From here, I am able to focus on the daily work with each horse, be it in the arena, ring, or trail, and I am thrilled to operate out of this setting.


 “No hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle.”

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