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Our People programs are for equestrians committed to achieving their next level, in or out of the ring, amateur or professionnal.

Sometimes, something is in our way, and we are "stuck".

Ride for Life programs transform equestrians into incredible athletes, regardless of circumstance. We help you get there.

Our 7-10 week one-to-one or online sessions are unique offering the full spectrum of services for the equestrian athlete:

- rider coaching, horse training

- mental and physical cross training

- and mentorships.

Select which program suits you best, or refresh in our continuously evolving programs.


We can be counted on to present new ways of being, with life-long positive impact on yourself and your horse. Your horse will want to please you- this is the recipe for excellence!


 Ride for Life programs are led by 30+ years of equestrian competition and life-coaching experience, and a committment to our planet. 1% donated to the earth with each registration.


Our Horse program develops jumpers and hunters to the best of their ability for competition or sale.

Long term quality horse development is achieved daily small actions.

For horses to excel, they need to eat well, rest well, be on a great program, and feel physically and mentally excellent. We are committed to giving a small amount of horses the great amount of time and attention this requires.

Souhaila Sarkis has 30+ years experience developing showjumpers in North America and Europe. With strong ties to France and her team in Canada, she focusses on sourcing quality horses and developing them to their highest potential.

From home-base near Elora, Ontario we

- create a short and long term training plan with you for your horse

- provide a totally customized feed and body work program

- offer daily long quality peaceful turnout, and a quiet, professionnal, clean stable. 

Stalls and training currently available, please contact Souhaila Sarkis for more information.



The intention of our Places program is

"To create premier equestrian facilities that have a positive impact on the planet."  

We can be counted on to:

- deliver top quality designs for high-performance use

- to deeply listen to your needs and visions

- provide solutions that ensure nature's legacy, where its use delivers a positive environmental impact.


We have created places for horses with green technologies for 25 years, from international competition venues to private farms. Welcome to where listening to you results in quality equestrian site and barn design, unique solutions that makes sense to your site for now and future generations.


Our Mission: CREATING



Our Vision: Committed to leaving you, your horse and this planet in better shape than we found you.

Here's how we do it.

1% of all sales to enhancing wild and natural spaces 



Souhaila Auvers3.jpg


This is where I am supposed to tell you about me. I am just like you; an ordinary person capable of extra-ordinary things. Since always, come hell or high water, I have found ways to get onto a horse's back and into the show ring.

Why, I have no idea. What I have gotten out of it is my entire life. It has pushed me to discover car pooling at a young age to consistently get to the barn in -30. It kept me busy enough to do too many stupid things as a teenager (or we would do stupid things AND ride). It provided me with enough rides during the days followed by  late nights in a design studio to get a university degree,  and twenty odd years of running my own landscape architecture practice in the same way, with a baby on my lap, almost exclusively on equestrian facility design. It has spat me in the dirt always one less time than I am willing to get back on and go again. It has kept my crazy head squarely on my shoulders - no matter how weird life gets a horse still eats, poops and needs to get out. It has given me my personal best moments in life, to be able to ride under the maple leaf sitting on a horse I brought along myself. It has given me some of my closest friends and what I can pass onto my kids- have fun, trust in what you've got-then risk, learn from others, work hard, source joy, know yourself, be there for others, check your judgements at the door, deal well with the unexpected, stay unstuck, have courage, and never quit.



 WE ARE COMMITTED TO LEAVING YOU, YOUR HORSE AND THIS PLANET IN BETTER SHAPE THAN WE FOUND YOU. The result is joy and positive impact in our little moment on earth.  We are Riding for Life...All Life.

Ride like your life depends on it- because it does.



 I offer my full support for Souhaila's work. She has taken my daughter on this summer to learn how to train horses and do ground work. Souhaila is a skilled, powerful, heartfelt, and generous human, whose passion for all things equine, is evident in her daily commitment to her own practice. She listens, is a strong leader and has much integrity in her work. Thank you Souhaila!

Lisa Detweiler


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